Six Flags Great America – Raging Bull

Raging Bull roller coaster, situated in the Southwest Territory of Six Flags Great America in Gurnee Illinois, is the tallest ride in the park at an impressive 208’ tall. The “speed coaster” was designed by Bollinger & Mabillard of Switzerland and reaches speeds of 72 mph. Theming the ride and integrating it into the park involved coordination with the ride designer, vendors, and Six Flags staff. The station was designed to look like a ruined southwestern mission with a structure of tall log poles and a platform of steel and concrete. The queuing lines were positioned so that the visitor gains many close vantage points of the attraction prior to riding it, intensifying the anticipation. The ride itself is designed so that there is nothing below the riders’ feet as it makes several high banked turns and plunges through a dark tunnel before emerging into the light of day. The attraction was integrated with a flat top grille restaurant and exits through a retail outlet.

© The Photographic Artwork of Jacob T. VanVooren