Six Flags Great America – THE JOKER

THE JOKER is our 15th ride integrated into Six Flags Great America since 1981. The S&S Worldwide Inc., manufactured coaster is located in the Yankee Harbor section of the park right where you’d expect, next to arch nemesis BATMAN The Ride roller coaster.

The unpredictable nature of the Joker is perfectly captured in this free-flying coaster. After climbing up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, riders then flip head-over-heels at least a half-dozen times, experience thrilling leaps and dives, and unexcepted drops.

Our services included integrating theme, concept and large ride components into a compact footprint. Bleck & Bleck Architects also provided land planning in and around the ride structure, marquee design, lighting design, control and main ride structures, and ride electric and control integration.