Porsche Exchange

The Porsche Exchange is the largest Porsche Dealer in the Midwest, and a multi-year recipient of the “Porsche Premier Dealership” award, recognizing The Porsche Exchange as one of the top 25 Porsche Dealerships in the country. A Premier dealership is a prestigious award given to dealerships that achieve the highest performance among their peers in terms of brand utilization and product representation. As a Premier Dealership, the owner John Smith wanted a design for the new dealership that also embraced the prestigious high-performance brand people had come to expect from Porsche. The existing Highland Park building was remodeled to create an adaptation of the Porsche prototype design, complete with the Porsche brand palette. The building exterior boasts a heated canopy for viewing cars in the winter and design finishes consist of taught aluminum skin, frameless glass panels and detailing befitting a Porsche. The interior functions include a showroom, maintenance bays, sales offices, and a design center from which to choose options and finishes for vehicles as well as accessories. The sophisticated, luxurious space is designed to provide an exceptional vehicle shopping experience catering to Porsche’s high-end clientele.