Dark Knight – Six Flags Great America

  • Hospitality & Entertainment

The opening of the Dark Knight attraction at Six Flags Great America was coordinated with the opening of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight". The ride is the only indoor roller coaster at the park and the controlled environment enhances the rider's experience of the crime filled Gotham City. The ride is located in an old theater with sloped floors which was a challenge to remodel and refit for the new ride. The heavily themed ride entrance marque has a Gotham City theme featuring skyscrapers in a dark setting. Passengers take part in an interactive preshow in the Gotham City rail terminal theater which sets the tone for the ride to follow, featuring a press conference with Harvey Dent that get hijacked by the Joker and mayhem ensues. With simulated gun fire, flames, and surprises around every corner, this wild mouse ride is sure to please thrill seekers everywhere.

© The Photographic Artwork of Jacob T. VanVooren