This image shows a dream garage built with hard wood interior and mezzanine.

Start Planning your Dream Garage

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A dream garage is on the wish list of many homeowners. With small or large changes, a dream garage can be within reach. Start with a facelift, improving the look and feel of your garage with new finishes and lighting. Add new features to your existing garage or, if your budget allows, build a new garage with the latest, luxurious features, like car elevators, media rooms, and luxury finishes like hand-hewn wood beams. Or convert your existing attached garage to a whole new use, adding living space to your home. Your dream garage is within reach!

Improve the Look and Feel

Have you ever dreamed of a luxurious but practical garage?

Rather than walking into a muddled mess of a garage, you can enjoy a clutter-free space…today there are many organizational solutions to help eliminate clutter. Built-in lockers, cabinets, and shelving are all good options for organization.

You can also spruce up the overall appearance of your garage with new doors, paint, and improved lighting. The latest garage door openers offer a much quieter operation via belt-drive, replacing older noisy chain-drive models. Add smart features to monitor and control your garage remotely from your phone or tablet.

You can simply improve the look and feel of your garage with high-quality finishes that bring charm, transforming it into a stunning, spacious showplace.

Add New Features

Adding new garage features and amenities can make a huge difference. From attractive flooring to beautiful cabinets, there are many features to consider. You may want to include a few of these trendy amenities in your dream garage project: storage, lighting, and media systems.

Upgraded flooring is probably the most popular feature added to garages. With today’s modern flooring choices, epoxy, tiles, mats, paint, and sealers are terrific upgrades to finish a traditional concrete garage floor. Epoxy is a favorite choice, due to its attractive appearance, hardness, and ease of maintenance. This tough resinous coating is usually applied in multiple coats for an extra durable finish. Epoxy is superior to polyurethane because it stands up to hot tires.

Tile garage flooring is also relatively popular. There are a variety of materials and colors from which to choose. When you make your choice, consider the use of the garage and the load the tile will be carrying. Available options include interlocking hard plastic tiles, vinyl composite tile, peel-and-stick vinyl, and porcelain tile.

And if you want a quick option for your garage floor that is easy and convenient, rubberized vinyl garage floor mats are worth considering.

If a new garage is in your plans, consider the many amazing new options to take it to the next level. Car lifts and elevators are a wonderful feature for the car lover in your family. Mezzanines can offer a comfortable, welcoming space for family and friends to hang out and enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of your car collection below. Be sure to include task lighting and hot water maintenance needs. Reserve enough space to accommodate all of the vehicles in your collection, including support space for maintenance and storage needs.

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Convert Your Garage

Although garages were created to store cars and lawn care equipment, homeowners are increasingly converting them for living space.

Your garage could be converted into a fun and functional dream garage. This is especially do-able in mild climates where year-round garage use is common. You can turn your garage into an exercise studio, man cave, potting shed, or putting green. Check out some neat options from Houzz. Some families create a sports court to really ramp up the fun factor – when the game’s over, they simply pull the car right into the garage.

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In fact, it’s also possible to climate control your attached garage for year-round use, adding living space to your home. You can finish your garage and expand the total square feet of finished space.  Some families customize this “found” space for use as a family room, office, hobby room, pet exercise room, an extra entertainment room, or a party room. The options for your dream garage are practically unlimited.

The Garage of Your Dreams

Get the garage of your dreams!  Improve the look and feel, add cool new features, or convert it to a whole new use. From floor to ceiling, you can transform a messy, cluttered garage into a clean, functional, and organized space. Is a dream garage on your bucket list? Get started planning today – it’s well within your reach!