Luxury Vinyl Tile

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luxury Vinyl Tile

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile is taking the flooring industry by storm. It has the versatility, good looks, durability, water-resistance, and ease of maintenance that will serve you well in both commercial and residential settings. Consider using luxury vinyl tile for your next flooring project.

Luxury vinyl tile is often a good alternative to ceramic tile flooring. We installed it in our office kitchen about 6 months ago and have been very pleased with its appearance, performance, and maintenance requirements.

This flooring category includes collections from a variety of manufacturers that reflects the rich look of natural materials, without the work and higher cost. Both installation and maintenance are easy. The material is soft and slip-resistant underfoot, making it a great choice for office and residential kitchen & bath areas. In addition to its good looks, luxury vinyl tile is deceptively durable and hard-working.



Resilient, including walking and standing comfort

Accommodates rolling loads

Easy to install and cut-to-fit

Easy to maintain


Resists scratches, dents, and stains


Sound absorptive

Made with sustainable, recyclable PVC

Low VOC emissions

Slip-resistant, even when wet

Variety of size and style options

Low to no sub-flooring prep

Easy to replace damaged tiles/planks

luxury vinyl tile

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile


The look of many luxury vinyl tiles is inspired by favorite natural elements, like stone and wood. Luxury vinyl can beautifully imitate the texture and richness of a variety of natural materials, without their special care requirements. Of course, the natural material may be preferable in many instances. Each project is unique and building owners will want to consider the many advantages of luxury vinyl products.

  • Solids, patterns, colors that work with your own unique style
  • Shapes include tiles and planks
  • Harmonious with adjacent materials, such as carpet, integral entry mats, and ceramic/porcelain tile
  • Designed to work with adjacent modular carpet tiles. The height of 1/8” to ¼” is compatible with carpet tiles, so transitions are smooth and effortless.
  • Sleek and sophisticated element in most any space
  • Surface performance is exceptional
  • Because it is easy to keep and stands up to everyday use, luxury vinyl tile stays clean looking, even in high-traffic areas including lobbies and retail environments.
  • Clean and contemporary
luxury vinyl tile

Interface Luxury Vinyl Tile



Major flooring manufacturers are represented in the premium vinyl product category, including Interface, Armstrong, and Mohawk. We recommend sticking with major manufacturers for products that are water-resistant, sun-resistant, and stable at all temperatures.


Luxury vinyl tile is readily available in most markets. Contact your architect or interior designer for advice on the best product and design for your specific situation. Many standard colors and patterns are also available at local flooring outlets and home center stores.



Installation is a breeze for your flooring contractor. With a little research and surface preparation, more experienced do-it-yourselfers may even be able to tackle an installation project successfully.

  1. Prepare a clean, flat subfloor to receive the luxury vinyl tile material.
  2. Cut the tile/planks as needed to fit around walls, cabinets, and other obstacles.
  3. Spread glue, adhesive, or grout if needed. Many luxury vinyl tile products do not require any adhesive except at the perimeter.
  4. Place the tiles/planks. Some products are simply butted together, while others use a tongue-and-groove or locking system to join them over the subfloor.


Maintenance could not be easier! Simply sweep or vacuum the floor. Follow up by mopping with warm, soapy water or other product recommended for use on vinyl floors. Spills and pet accidents are easy to clean up and leave no lasting damage. Clean up spills immediately.

PRO-TIP!      Heavy items should not be dragged or pushed across the flooring surface, as it may produce scratching.

Luxury vinyl tile has the versatility, good looks, durability, water-resistance, and ease of maintenance for both commercial and residential settings. Consider using luxury vinyl tile for your next flooring project.